Bigmouths strike again

Bigmouths strike again

Podcasts are this year’s big thing, apparently. Or was that last year? Or the year before that? It’s difficult to keep up.

They’re likely a big thing due to the fairly big following true crime podcast Serial attracted and the attendant interest suddenly shown in podcasts by big media.

Unsurprisingly a lot of people have been listening to podcasts for quite a few years before Serial‘s debut.

Here’s a snapshot of some – but not all – of the podcasts I regularly listen to via the mostly excellent and Australian made Pocket Casts podcast app.


My new favourite podcast is a UK production called Bigmouth helmed by former The Word magazine associate editor and writer, Q music magazine editor and Select mag editor Andrew Harrison.

Select is known as “the monthly that kickstarted Britpop” in the 1990s for what that’s worth.

(That means/meant a lot to me. Your interest may vary.)


It’s good to hear ‘clever talk about music and pop culture’ by Harrison and guests — invariably UK rock scribes whose words I devoured over the years of my misspent youth — and know they’re still out there (hopefully) making a living from the writing game despite the demise of several music mags over the past few years.

Give the Bigmouth podcast a go if you’re interested in music. And pop culture.

There’s also a blog for words to read.

The return of blogs is next year’s big thing, apparently.



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