Subscribers first

Subscribers first

At last. A good initiative from the Americans Fairfax Media.

It’s fair to say the beleaguered media company has not enjoyed the best of times recently amid job cuts, assets write-downs and worries about the overall viability of its business while restructuring away from print towards a supposed future of digital rivers of gold.

So it was good to see a positive move from a management team that has not inspired much confidence in a commitment to journalism – rather than clickbait to chase online traffic – in the past few months.

The launch of a Subscriber First site on Monday for its The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald mastheads means Fairfax subscribers, willing to pay for news, can now view a news site without all that vitally important news about Pokemon GO, The Bachelor and Suicide Squad.

(And, hey, all that clickbait is still on the non-subscription Fairfax sites with the porous so-called paywalls if you want it.)

Subscriber First sites look like a work in progress in launch week (they do need to have more news articles on there) but it’s almost like Fairfax heard me rant just last week when scrolling through the clickbait riddled The Age site:

“Why the f*** should I have to f***ing wade past all this sh!t about Suicide f***ing Squad, The f***ing Bachelor and Poke-f***ing-mon Go to get to the news.”




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