The first post

The first post

MediaMook used to be a place where I could rant about media from the point of view of a consumer. But I got a little tired of all that.

(And ironically, I became a real fair dinkum journalist mere months after writing that final blog post partially republished by mUmbrella. But’s that a story for another time.)

Now, it will be my little corner of this thing called – I think we’ve all agreed by now – the internet.

There will still be the occasional rant about media but I’m also going to try to be positive about media ‘stuff’ (a technical term) I like.

Further blog layout functionality will be added as more content appears. I’ll smarten the place up at some point but want to concentrate on the words first.

So…new MediaMook. There will be some stuff (that word again) about media but also stuff about anything I feel like writing about, plus some personal guff (another technical term) too.

It’s basically some of the thoughts my brain – and Twitter – cannot contain.

A mook? What’s a mook?

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